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Indoor Rental LED Display

  • Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm
  • Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm
  • Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm
  • Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm
  • Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm
Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mmPh3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mmPh3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mmPh3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mmPh3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm

Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm

  • Model:UNIT-P3.91/I/500X500
  • HD LED Display Screen
  • CE,Rohs,FCC Approved
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Product Description: Ph3.91mm HD LED Video Wall-500mmx500mm HD LED TV
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Ph3.91mm HD led video wall-500mmx500mm HD LED TV

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Ph3.91mm Die-Casting Aluminum LED Display Cabinet Specification:

Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.91mm
LED Package SMD2121
Module Pixel (dots) 64dots×64dots
Module Size (mm) 250mm(W)*250mm(H)
Cabinet Size (mm) 500mmx500mm
Input Voltage(AC) 220V±10%  or  110V ±10%
Current Leakage to Ground (mA) < 3
Average Power Consumption (W/㎡) 320
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 850
Control Mode Synchronization
Control System VAG+DVI Card+Control Cards+Transmission Cables
Video Acceptable TV  VCD DVD
Display Mode 576×576、480*576、960×576、960×960…1152×960
Transmission Distance CAT-5E≦130m /Multi-mode Optical Fiber≦500m / Single Mode Optical Fiber≦10km
Scan Mode 1/16
LED Drive Mode Constant Current
Brightness (cd/㎡) 2000
Pixel Density 65746dots/㎡
Viewing Distance(m) 3~25m
Hor. Viewing Angle(degree) 160°
Ver. Viewing Angle(degree) 120° or  160°
Brightness Calibration 256 grade
Gray Calibration 256~4096 grade
Images Calibration Contrast/Tonality/Single Module Lightness
Refresh Rate 300~2440 frame/s
Frame-changing Frequency More than 60Hz
Display color 17M~69G
Continuous Working Hours >72 Hours
Using Life 100,000 Hours
MTBF >10,000 Hours
Scatter OOC Point <0.01%
Continuous OOC Point 1‰
Working Temperature -20℃~+40℃
Working Humidity 10~60%
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 12Kg/cabinet

Features of HD Ph3.91mm Rental  led video wall die-cast aluminum cabinet

(1) Light. Cabinet size of 500*500mm and light weight of only 11.5 kg enable one-person installation easier and simpler, save installation time. But traditional HD stage led screen is over 25 Kg with the same size.
(2) Thin. Adopting the die-casting aluminum, it is high strength, high tenacity, high accuracy and not easy to distort. The thickness of our cabinet is 87mm, the traditonal cabinet is 160mm.
(3) Quick. Adopting quick locking mechanism on the Up, down, left and right connection. Tighten two cabinet up with pull and turn the two handles by 90 degrees. You can install one cabinet with high accuracy in 10 seconds. Cabinet splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable. Not only beautiful appearance but also a real sense of the rapid disassembly.
(4) Easy. Adopting modular design, assembled cabinet can install and disassembly quickly and easily. It is easy to maintenance.
(5) Compatible. New structure design, can satisfy hoisting, overstow, indoor and outdoor used requirements. Cabinet simplification, and various pixel pitch of indoor and outdoor led module such like P4, P5.33,P6.4,P8,P10.66,P12.8,P16 are compatible.
(6) Low. Has excellent heat dissipation design and performance. it is low noise and doesn't need external fan or air-condition. With the features of lighweight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost of installation and operating costs.

P3.91mm New Aluminum LED Cabinet Advantages:

1. Work with Novastar and linsn led control system, guarantee very high refresh rate, no scaning line when taked photos or videos.
2. Smd led display takes with fast heating spread, to protect screen effectively and increase the use life largely.
3. ENBON P2.5 LED screen is designed as slim body & light weight, Easy maintenance.
4. This display can show all kinds of word, text, graph, pictures, flashes, video, 2-dimension, 3-dimension cartoon and any other formats synchronously with PC.
5. Different signal resources input are acceptable, such as TV, HCTV, S-video, NTSC/PAL, DVI, AVI, VGA, SDI, MOV, MPG, etc.
6.Signal & power aviation connectors are water & dust proof, stable and reliable.
7.Cushion under the cabinet can protect the modules from being damaged.
8.Good color and brightness conformity. The LED chip is sorted by 2.5mm, while the chip brightness difference is within 10%.