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LED Control System

4 pcs TS802D LED Sending Card Cascade

linsn led 4 pcs TS802D led sending card Cascade for High Resolution

1.Hardware Prepare:

1).  1 pcs DVI cable, 4 input+1output

2).  4 pcs of linsn ts802 led sending card

3).  3 pcs of 10 PIN Cable

2.Hareware Connection:

1st LED Sending Card do not need to switch the CODE BUTTON.;

2nd LED Sending Card switch the CODE BUTTON To "1" ;

3rd LED Sending Card switch the CODE BUTTON To  "2";

4th LED Sending Card switch the CODE BUTTON To "1"  "2";

For 4 Pcs TS802D LED Sending Card, you can use the SB-8 LED Sending Box to Install it.

This led sender Box can install 4 pcs of LED Sending card for the High Definition LED Display Solution.

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