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Die-Casting Aluminum 960mmx960mm Standard Size LED Screen

Die-Casting Aluminum 960mmx960mm Standard Size led screen

Outdoor SMD led display module, including P4, P5, P6.67, P8 and P10 with thestandard led module size 320mmx160mm and module suite with same screws holes forstandard led cabinet size 960mmx960mm

Standard outdoor led display Module Advantage:

1.Unify the standard led display Module Size: 320mmx160mm.
2.Unify the Standard LED Display Cabinet Screw Holes for 960mmx960mm Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet

3.Pay more attention to the standard led screen display performance.
4.Pay more attention to the Quick Assembling and Maintenance.

Outdoor LED Display Module with same size and same suite of screws holes, you can use P4,P5,P6.67,P8,P10 together. or replace the old led display module only, do not need to change the led cabinet structure,led power supply and led control system. it will save a Huge Cost of the materials and labour.

Standard Size 960mmx960mm,Die Casting Aluminum Less Weight Magnesium Alloy LED Display Panel For Fixed led screen Installation

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