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LED Control System

Rv908/RV908H/RV908T LED Receiving Card

The difference of Rv908/RV908H/RV908T led receiving card

LINSN 908 Receiving Card has RV908, Rv908H,Rv908T.

Linsn 908 led receivier has the 12 pcs 16P interface of HUB75. The difference of RV908/RV908H/RV908T is: RV908 has the different HUB75 Array interface than RV908H/RV908H receiving card.

The picture above is RV908 LED Receiving Card

RV908H has the Monitoring Function ,RV908T has not this Function.

For linsn led opnion, RV908/RV908H/RV908T ,three of them are good to work with ts802 sending card. RV908H/RV908T has the good price. if you need it,please contact: linsnled@hotmail.com

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