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Why many clients still choose Outdoor P10mm 1R1G1B LED Module

Why many clients still choose Outdoor P10mm 1R1G1B LED Module?

For now, all outdoor led display is SMD Technology, it has better color uniformity to show the images and videos.but why so many customers still choose the Outdoor Dip P10mm 1R1G1B LED Module?

linsn led collect some feedback from customers,hope this will help you to choose your best led screen.

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1.DIP P10mm Outdoor 1R1G1B has the higher brightness than SMD Outdoor, when facing the sunshine at daylight, the DIP outdoor led display can show the images clearly. The brightness reach to 8000 nits even 10000 nits.

2.It is more realiable than SMD Outdoor working in the bad weather. like the Freezing weather. 

3.It has the longer lifetime than SMD Outdoor, some customer told us. the old DIP Outdoor LED Display has been working for 8 years now, and just 2 pcs of led module broken.he is very satisfied with the Quality. and do not want to change it to SMD Outdoor. 

This is main reason for some customers still choose DIP Outdoor P10mm 1R1G1B LED Display.

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