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Waterproof Front Service Outdoor LED Screen

Waterproof Front Service Outdoor led screen Good choice for outdoor fixed installation with easier maintenance

Waterproof Frontal Service LED Screen Features :

1) 100% Front service: You can use small tool to take out the module from front side easily.
2) High water-proof grade IP67: You can put the module into the water and the module still work well.
3) 100% is made of Die-casting Aluminium, so the module temperature can cool down quickly, no need fan in the cabinet.
4) Light weight 35KG/M2,  because high IP grade, so no need cover and can be exposed to the air even if there is storm.

You can see the rear of finished cabinet is empty and Nothing required.It will be a good choice for outdoor fixed installation with easier maintenance.

Waterproof front accessed led display Applications:

Waterproof Frontal Access LED Display can be used for theater,shopping store and some outdoor led billboards for advertising.

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