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LINSN TS806D LED Sending Box Is Coming

LINSN TS806D LED Sending Box With 2 pcs of TS802D led sending card

linsn ts806d led sending box

LINSN TS806D Features:

LINSN TS806D is the 4 big network led sending box, supports single color, dual-color, full color led display screen. With the led video processor to customize the longest support 4032x640 dots, support the highest resolution of 1280x2048 dots, maximum support 2.62 million pixels.

linsn ts806d

TS806D LED Sending Box Function:

1).1 channel DVI video signal input;
2).Support 12bit/10bit/8bit video input;
3).Support 16bit grayscale display;
4).2 of 1 channel audio input;
5).Single USB interface control;
6).Four network output, support 2560x1024,1920x1200,2048x1280 resolution and other common video source led screen.
7).Support for 16 level manual brightness adjustment;
8).Support video format: RGB, YCrCB4:2:2, YCrCb4:4:4;

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