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Declaration Of LINSN LED Control Card

Declaration Of linsn led Control Card

Attention: All of LINSN LED Control Card is Definitely From Shenzhen Linsn Technology Development Co.,Ltd. Including LED Sending Box,led sending card,led receiving card and Parts as EX902D,EB901,CN701,etc.

We are Shenzhen Linsn Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd.Independent Brand as "LINSN LED" for LED Display Manufacturing.Do Not Produce Any Kind Of LED Control Card.

If You Need Technical Support Of LINSN Cards,Please Get Support From:
Ben Xu    
Email: Ben@linsn.com  Skype:benxuskype1 
Phone: +86 13603023813

Hugh Mak  
Email:Hughmak@linsn.com  Skype:hughmak928@yahoo.com
Phone: +86 13510080217

Steven Deng 
E-mail: 858@linsn.com  Skype:linsntechnology09
Phone: +86 13510089317

Ally Lin  
Email:817@linsn.com  Skype:linsntechnology11
Phone:+86 13823338107

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