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Linsn TS901 HDMI LED Sending Card

Linsn TS901 HDMI led sending card is Coming!

Linsn 901 HDMI Sending Card including the TS901/SD901 LED Sending Card (Full color) and DS901 LED Sending Card (Double color).

Linsn 901 has the Features:

1.Full color sending card supports full color, double color and single color led screen
2.Double color sending card supports double color and single color led screen
3.901 sending card max support 2048*640, and support customized resolution
4.Support configuration file (.RCG) broadcasting function
5.Replacing receiving card without resending .RCG file
6.Support display connection file (.CON) broadcasting function
7.Replacing receiving card without resending .CON file
8.Support HDMI input, support HDMI format HD video input (such as from DVD player)
9.Support zoom in/out
10.Can put whole computer LCD monitor content on LED screen with zoom in/out function.

If you are interested in Linsn 901 HDMI LED Sending Card, please contact us to get more information!

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