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How to use led sending card with Laptop?

How to use led sending card with Laptop to control the led display screen?

(1) A laptop with HDMI port
(2) One HDMI to DVI cable
(3) An external led sender box or a led sending card power up externally

Remark:The setting is the same as desktop computer

Pictures as below:

laptop led sending card connnection

Graphic Card  Requirements:

led display rj45 connector t568b
DVI-D  output;  Enough  Graphic memory for source video;ATI and Nvidia graphic cards are fine. ATI graphic card is preferred.

Make  RJ45  cable:
The  requirement  and  making  method  of Ethernet crossover cable: To make the cable ends under EIA/TIA 568B  standard
(That  is:  1.  white/orange  stripe  2.orange  solid 3.white/green stripe4.blue solid5.white/blue stripe6.green solid
7.white/brown stripe8.brown solid.) using straight-through cables on both ends.

By our experience, you'd better use a all-copper cables, for such cable, the resistance of each twisted pairover100 meters is about 13 ohms. In general the distance between sending card and receiver card is 140m to 170m.

The power requirement of linsn led sending card and led receiving card,ex902d multifuction card is 5V2A.

Relaying card, sc801 fiber converter and splitter have an internal 100V-220V to5V poweradapter1 so they can be used directly

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