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LED Display Module Shockproof and LED Display Panel Waterproof Testing

led display module Shockproof and LED Display Panel Waterproof Testing

After finished the production of led display module, there will be 12 hours testing and aging for the finished led modules,but before assembling led module to led display. it is not enough to make sure that led module will be no Bad LEDs or loose soldering.

The Next Step is LED Display Module Shockproof Testing

led display module shockproof testing

led display module shockproof

The purpose is to find out the bad LEDs and loose soldering LEDs,ICs or other electrical parts. making sure that all unstable parts will be find before packing and shippment.

For the outdoor led display screen,there is another testing need to be done,that is Waterproof Testing.

outdoor led display Panel Waterproof Testing:

led display waterproof testing

outdoor led display waterproof testing

outdoor <a href=http://www.linsnled.com/ target='_blank'>led screen</a> waterproof testing

waterproof testing for outdoor led display screen

Outdoor Waterproof Testing is to make sure that outdoor led screen will be working well in outside,such as big rains weather.it is neccessary testing jobs before we pack the LED Display Cabinet,and ship it to the overseas customers.

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