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The Moisture-Proof Method For LED Display Module Storage

The Moisture-Proof Method For led display module Storage

Now more and more customers want to assemble the led screen in their own country,it will reduce the cost of import taxes.and the main materials is stock the led display module,here is the method of moisture proof and dust-proof to protect your LED modules.

The LED module need to dry and ventilated, store the led modules with clapboard or other objects with pad in your warehouse, DO not let the LED Panels touch with the ground directly.

Install the temperature and humidity monitor in the storage environment. The humidity of the environment is under 60%RH, keep the LED display module with a very comfortable enviroment.

When the LED module package opened and you need to store it again it is required to be repackaged and put in the appropriate desiccant.

LED module storage time if is more than 1 months, We need to do the testing and led display module brightness 6 hours gradually increasing aging: The brightness settings for 10%/1 hours, The brightness set to 30%/1 hours, the brightness set to 60%/2 hours, the brightness set to 80%/1 hours,the brightness set to 100%/1 hours. After 6 hours of aging, it can be used in for the  whole led screen assembly.

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