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How to make p3mm indoor led display screen 2.688mx1.152m

How to make p3mm indoor led display screen of 2.688mx1.152m

Total 14x6=84 pcs P3mm Indoor 64x64dots LED Module.

Here is the Connnection of TS802D led sending card to RV908M led receiving card and P3mm indoor led modules.

p3 indoor led module connnection

P3mm indoor led display Screen 2.688mx1.152m Featuers:

1. 1 pcs TS802D LED Sending Card

2. 7 pcs RV908M LED Receiving Card

3. 1 pc RV908M Control 12 pcs P3mm LED Module

4. Final led screen Resolution is:  896 dots x 384 dots.

5. Final LED Screen Size is: 2.688m x 1.152m

You can contact us to get the PDF Connection for P3mm Indoor LED Display Screen

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