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Gigabit Ethernet Standalone LED Receiving Card Without Sending Card

Gigabit Ethernet Standalone led receiving card Without Sending Card

Gigabit standalone led receiver realizes high refresh rate and high gray level without ts802d led sending cardlinsn led receiver card support Gigabit LAN technique,  a  single  led receiving  card  could support  1024  x  1024 for monochrome, double color led display module,fullcolor led display screen. Multiple network cards could work together to control a bigger led screen. linsn led is the first one who realizes high refresh rate and high graylevel with Gigabit LAN technique in the industry.
32  bit  Win  XP  or  32  bit  Win  7  is recommended.
For  gigabit  LAN:  TP-LINK  3269  is recommended(The integrated gigabit LAN in thelaptop can work as well )

( Note: The driver of Gigabit LAN must be installed correctly to make the system work. )
After installing Gigabit LAN and the driver , connect with the receiver cards:
Open led studio--0ption--Software Setup--Input 'linsn'--Input password '168'- -Setup Hardware parametertick the 'remember LAN. '

Pictures as below:

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