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LINSN EX901D/EX902D Multi Function Card Manual

linsn ex901d/EX902D Multi Function Card Manual-Tell you how to connect the linsn EX901D with led receiving card and the LEDStudio settings

Hardware installation:

First install the brightness card into the first cabinet of the led display screen and connect with 5V power from the power supply inside cabinet.

The RJ45 cable goes to the input of brightness card first from the ts802 sending card, then from the brightness card output goes to the led receiver in the first cabinet of the led video wall. Please check some pictures as below:

Software set up:

After installing the ex901d brightness card inside the first cabinet and put 2 sensors outside, please open the software ‘LEDstudio’.

Go to: software setup->sender options. enable the Excard bright.

Then go to led screen Monitor. change the brightness and sensitivity accroding to your requests and apply it. the linsn ex901d sensor will work.

You can download the EX901D/EX902D Multi Function Manual from here: EX901D Multi Function Card Manuals

Here is More Functions of EX901D and EX902D:

ex901d multi fuction led control card

linsn ex902d led control card

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