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How does the energy saving outdoor led display save electricity but DO not reduce its brightness?

How does the energy saving outdoor led display save electricity but DO not reduce its brightness?

Many people will ask, how do you say energy saving outdoor led screen is energy-efficient, but the brightness will not be reduced?linsn led will tell you how we can save energy and electricity, and the brightness will not be reduced.

linsn led developed latest low consumption led screen.with pixel pitch from P5mm,P5.926mm,P6.4mm,P8mm,P10mm Outdoor SMD Technology,with nationstar LED and best contrast led module mask.all led display module standard size is: 320x160m. for easy assembling and replacement.

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First, we use the dual phase power supply, red, blue, green, red with separate power supply voltage of V2.5V; blue and green with 3.5V voltage, voltage equivalent to voltage is 3V, compare to 5V normal led screen,it can save about 40% energy.this can play a role in energy conservation, thus can achieve the effect of saving energy, and will not change the brightness.

Second,the LED PCB design is different from normal LED Display,low consumption outdoor led display can be affected by environmental factors, such as humidity, salt content,it is more efficency and more reliable.it can save the cost of maintenance and energy saving.

Third, the improved LED power supply: the traditional outdoor led display with full or half bridge switching power supply with high efficiency, energy saving outdoor LED display plays an important role, and a significant energy saving effect and synchronous rectification, to drive constant current state to reduce the supply voltage, the separate RED CHIP and GREEN,Blue Chip achieve better energy saving.
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The above is about how the outdoor LED display  with high brightness but achieve the real energy saving knowledge point.

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